Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The screening was a very successful event! Thanks to the audience for coming out to support independent filmmaking in Somerville and very special thanks to all of the filmmakers who sent their work to be part of this special movie program!

Georgia Bellas; Somerville, MA, USA
Mr. Bear Gets Drunk (2013, super-8 film to video, 30 sec)
Mr. Bear takes on a challenging role.

Ben Chou (producer); Medford, MA, USA
Rook (2011, video, 7 min, directed by Christopher Lee) Made for Boston’s 48 Hour Film Project, Rook is a drama about a pair of “dirty” cops. One is a seasoned veteran, while the other, Rook, a transfer from Detroit, is new to work on the street. It’s up to the veteran to show this rookie how things go down.

Jef Czekaj; Somerville, MA, USA
Skate Ghost (2011, video animation, 8.5 min) Seattle’s only skate park was destroyed so that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation could build a new headquarters. This heinous crime went unpunished. Until now. 

Rene Dongo; Boston, MA, USA
Hunt (2013, VHS video, 2 min) “silver hide. hunting spirit.” An experimental VHS piece that asks “Who’s hunting who?”

Amanda Wild; Somerville, MA, USA
Strangers (2012, video, 3.5 min) Strangers is a video diary starring the strangers of the Boston subway, and a meditation on smell­blindness.

Bryan Konefsky; Albuquerque, NM, USA
Does Anyone Ever Really Quit? (2012, video, 2.5 min) Shot at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT in 2003, the obsessive behavior of Joaquin the black bear was reminiscent of a film that impressed me as a young student…
Once upon a time, the University of Bridgeport had an interesting film program with instructors such as George Morris (credited in Slackers) and video artist, Shalom Gorewitz. The film that impressed me was made by film students at that university and was the first structuralist film that I remember being exposed to. This particular student film was a locked-down shot of an obsessive polar bear who struck his head against the cement wall of his pen every time he cycled by it. The audio in the film was silent except for the loud crashing sound of a cymbal at the moment of bear impact… I don’t know what ever happened to that film, those students, or the polar bear, but the memory has stayed with me.

Mauri Lehtonen; Turku, Finland
Physical Examination (2012, 16mm film to video, 5 min) Homage to Owen Land. Physical Examination is a short structural film that shows viewers the elements of film stock that usually cannot be seen during movie projection, like sprocket holes and soundtrack area. It also shows an examination of breasts.

Bernd L├╝tzeler; Berlin, Germany
the Voice of God (2011, 35mm film to video, 9 min) A fantastical, melodramatic, stop-motion, long-exposure, driven docudrama, with the lead role shared by God and the city of Mumbai.

Neil Ira Needleman; Katonah, NY, USA
The Good Old Days (2012, video, 3 min) This is a story about the struggle to communicate. Yes, this may be a sad story, but I believe it moves beyond that singular emotion. That’s what can happen when you have the courage to leave the good old days behind to tackle the challenges of the future.

Roger D. Wilson; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Against the Grain (2012, film to video, 6 min) Against the Grain takes a look at the creative process, focusing in on “when things don’t work out as planned.” 

Daniela Zahlner; Vienna, Austria
Bolex Mon Amour (2012, 16mm film to video, silent, 2.5 min) Muse and heroine, beloved accessory and technical playground of avant-garde cinema. The camera fixed on a treadmill, I keep running towards the lens. Being filmed and handling the camera at the same time, I conjugate the technical possibilities of the Bolex. No editing. A love song for the camera.

Frankie Symonds; Somerville, MA, USA
Screamer in a White Parka (2012, video, 5.5 min) Childhood images and sounds, and daily observations meet a revelatory afternoon with my father, where parental love mixes with fear and homophobia.

Mick Cusimano; Cambridge, MA, USA
The Dreams of Leonardo da Vinci (2008, video animation, 7 min) Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks contain drawings for paintings, inventions and stories. This movie makes his notebooks come alive.

Damon Bishop; Somerville, MA, USA
Lagomorpha (2013, video, 3 min) Filmed in Somerville, MA, Guilford, CT and Key West, FL

Julia Gilligan Corsetti; Somerville, MA, USA
Hell Phone (2013, video, 6 min) Darlene just want to know that her daughter, Stella, has flown safely back to college, but her attempts to communicate on her new smartphone make for a silly situation.

Ann Steuernagel; Cambridge, MA, USA
A Diminished Thing (2011, video, 6 min) The bird would cease and be as other birds but that he knows in singing not to sing. The question that he frames in all but words is what to make of a diminished thing. – Robert Frost

Gina Marie Napolitan; South Pasadena, CA, USA
A Catechism of Familiar Things (2012, video animation, 8 min) A survey of the visual history of Brockton, Massachusetts and a fractured re-telling of one of the city's most infamous murder cases: the 1946 Christmas Tree Slaying.

Stop-motion animation, paper cut-outs, paint-on-glass, and long exposure photography re-activate an eclectic stockpile of found objects, most of which were salvaged from my grandparents' and parents' houses.

Bruce Humphries; Menomonee Falls, WI, USA
Don’t Forget to Breathe (2010, video animation, 2.5 min)
Don’t Forget to Breathe is a short video inspired by the exercise craze of the 1970’s. Today more than ever we are bombarded with images of beauty creating a desire to duplicate this in our own lives. Stop. Relax. And most importantly…… Don’t forget to breathe!

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