Friday, April 13, 2012

Somerville Open Cinema Mini-Film Festival will take place Saturday, May 5 from noon until 6PM

On Saturday, May 5 starting at 12 noon, we will begin screening the accepted submissions to our festival in a gallery loop that will run continuously until 4pm. At 4pm, we will begin the official "sit-down" screening that includes all of the works from the looping program, plus a reception followed by a q&a with the participating film and video makers. Please join us for this very special event. Accepted film and video makers include:
Luis ArnĂ­as / Sheila Bailey / Georgia Bellas / Damon Bishop / Nick Capezzera / Jenn Dlugos / Rene Dongo / Jeanne Flanagan / Jennifer Fuchel / Matthew Greif / Andrea Henry / Katie Lannigan / Laura Neuhaus / Sudip Peterson / Mike Piso / Richard Sepulveda / Mike Shea / Ashlie Taylor / Rhayne Vermette / Lynn Weissman


  1. Where did the cover image from the flter come from?

  2. It's a phenakistoscope disc from 1833. This is an early animation toy that works by spinning it while looking through the slots between the images in a mirror.